Best Places To Photograph In China


China is one beautiful country with a large population. Although the first thing to come in to your mind when you say China might be, “made in China”, it is actually a country that has much more to look and experience especially in terms of scenic locations. Here are some places you should be visiting, to capture stunning pictures for your Instagram page.  

The water town  

Xitang the water town is one that is located in a plain, perfect for any photographer to capture a wonderful pic of the reflection of the city in the water. The nine rivers coming together, divides the town in to eight sections while the bridges built connect them altogether. So if you are visiting the country it would be ideal to go so during spring or autumn. If there’s a rainy weather condition, then it would be even better to capture a much more scenic view. However, you might need to learn chinese language and the basics of it, so that you can find the right spot in the first place!  

World heritage Xidi and Hongcun  

The villages Xidi and Hongcun were included as a part of the world heritages recognized by UNESCO in the year 2000. The residents of the village have their own uniqueness which makes them stand out from among the other villages especially because of the long history of 900 years and culture embedded in to it. So study how to learn mandarin Chinese and enjoy the many privileges that comes with knowing the language. Also the best time to visit this village to capture the most scenic views would be during spring and autumn, so do plan your trip to fit in the perfect seasons!  


This is another great photographing location that many photographers would certainly want to explore. The lovely scenes, the amazing mount Everest are some beauties you cannot ignore when you visit here. In the region of Xizang the south of west China, this city has a land area of about 1.22 million square meters. And with an average altitude of 4500 meters, this land has also been named “The Roof of the World”. The soft snow on the mountains, the clear blue sky, the running lakes flowing through the huge rocks and boulders and the wild life are all perfect to create one amazing scenic picture. So do make sure to include this city as well in your list of places to visit in China.  

The amazing food and the deeply embedded culture across the country are also perfect elements that you could use to give your pictures a different angle. So do go try out street photographing as well!